Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How the heck do I use fennel?

And by fennel, I don't mean fennel seeds, I mean a large, knobby, frond be-topped bulb (see post below to view an actual picture of said bulb).  Well, I'd only ever used it in a potato stew of sorts, something akin to a potato leek soup so I decided to do a search and I found a recipe for Braised Chicken with Fennel, Cherry Tomatoes, and Capers.  It turned out fine, except that the chicken was a little dry...I wonder if that always happens when you braise chicken?  I still consider myself new to this whole cooking game so there's much I don't know about the culinary arts.  The great thing about the meal as a whole was that I got to use my fennel, tomatoes, and asparagus from my bountiful basket.  I added some quinoa made with chicken broth, the chicken (obviously), and some grated Pecorino Romano atop the quinoa (the capers we buy at Costco in bulk because we use them a lot).  The asparagus was lightly steamed with lots of butter and celtic gray salt, and the meal was accompanied by a glass of kombucha.  Quite tasty!  

Oh, and I'm writing all of this as if I cooked it wonderful husband did.  He's a keeper that one.  ;)

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